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Нижегородский проект Moonbeam ответили на ряд вопросов своих поклонников на своей странице в Facebook.

Big thanks to all for questions. Now, it’s time to get our answers:

Which dj influenced your style the most? And why?

Tom York, Zoot Woman, Royksopp. We have always been inspired by these artists. Nowadays we liked Trentemoller, Guy Gerber.

The music often has unique but foreign elements, what inspires that? And will Cape Town South Africa ever be a tour destination?

We are inspired by many things, but mostly by traveling to around the world. We’ve been in Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States. Hopefully this year we will visit Cape Town :)

Guys D U Work under other names than moonbeam ?

Yes, we plan to launch several new projects under new names this year. Stay tuned :)

Name some music you like and recommend! who is your favourites? such as in your free time which dj s or producers do u listen?

Royksopp — The Understanding

Zoot Woman — Things Are What They Used To Be

Daft Punk — Discovery

Miss Kittin — I Com

James Holden — The Idiots Are Winning

Since how many time are you a producer and how many time do you spend a week to produce?what sequencer do you use?

We produce during the week, all the remaining time until we are on a tour. Although it is often, if a tour is long, we write some ideas on tours, and finalizing it in the studio. We use Cunase SX.

Do you prefer using drugs or hyptonik substances composing your music?

No, we lead a healthy lifestyle and we don’t use any drugs. In addition, we visit the gym every week.

What programs/vsts do you use?

We are fond of integrate some analog equipment but now a lot of new computer technologies are changing fast and we try all new products in software. We like Alesis A6 Andromeda best, as in our opinion it’s the only analog synthesizer having a really fat sound. Also we use Juno-G, Korg Electribe MX, software: Absynth, Reaktor, Battery Arturia Analog Factory.

Our special kinda synth sound is coming from an hardware synth or a vst? And is it just a lot of tweaking that gives that kind of melancholic sound (like filter + portamento or glide) or do you have a real «secret weapon» ? :)

Synth sound is coming from vst. We created our sound in Reaktor. We use them for a long time and continue to use it.

Whats the best advice you can give for young begginer music producers?

In the maximum efficiency and belief in what you do. And, of course, reaching a certain level, don’t dwell on this and continually raise the bar. And when you reached it — don’t fall under the influence of weaknesses of success, not to relax and keep working. And, above all, trust only your own taste.

It would be possible a collab with Emma Hewitt? (P.S. We want more and more Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox track :P)

Now we are negotiating with Emma Hewitt. I think this year you will hear our collaboration :)

The next session, like this, will be, when our page on Facebook will reached  20,000 fans :)

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